Keystone Bail Out

At Keystone Bail Bonds, it is our mission to get you, your friend or family released from custody as quickly as possible. Keystone Bail Bonds courteous and professional staff will help you understand and easily navigate the procedure. Keystone Bail Bonds knowledge of the criminal justice system will make your bail experience manageable and help you gain your freedom fast!

How Bail Works

After an initial arrest, you are usually palced into the prison system. Once a judge sets a bail amount in order to be released from prison, until further court dates, you can either pay the total amount to the prison or simply and more affordably obtain a bail bond for a mere 10% of the total amount set. Once you are released on bail... you must make all court appearances for your case. When all of your court cases are finished the court will then exonerate and release you from the terms of your bail bond. Bail Bonds are nonrefundable.

Bail Instructions

Has a friend or loved one been arrested? Here's what you need to know to get him or her released from jail:

  1. Know which jail he or she is in.
  2. Know if it's a country, city or federal.
  3. Know the booking number.
  4. Know the charge.
  5. Know their full legal name.
  6. Know their date of birth, if possible.
  7. Know the arresting agency.
  8. Know how much the bail amount is.

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